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    This is the tour program for Madonna's Confessions Tour, with pictures from Steven Klein, reworked by Giovanni Bianco. Find great deals on site for Madonna Confessions Tour in Madonna Madonna Calendar Confessions on a Dance Floor Tour Book Steven Klein H&M. Mix - Madonna Confessions Tour BookYouTube. Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour HD - Duration: Mv+ 6,, views ·

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    Madonna Confessions Tour Book

    Madonna - Confessions Tour Book - Rare! on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tour book for the confessions tour. download Madonna The Confessions Tour: Read 40 Movies & TV Reviews - site. com. download Madonna The Confessions Tour: Read 41 Movies & TV Reviews - site. com.

    Some drunken idiot continued to harass us which led to us calling the police and them taking him away. We refused to leave the post office after that as we were convinced a second show would be added. As tired as we were after this, we still went to the largest record fair in Utrecht and had a great day. London, August 12 Hans and I took the first train from Amsterdam to Brussels, we had to because of the extra security due to the planned terrorist attacks in London. We arrived way before out departure time with the Eurostar. In less then an hour we got on the train and made our way to London, our second home. When we got to London, as usual I was checked by security at Waterloo, but without any problem could walk through. Our hotel was based in Earls Court, I knew the area very well so we found our hotel easily. To our surprise right in front of us, Madonna passed us by and disappeared into her house. We did not react and just walked straight through. We arrived quite early that evening at the Wembley Arena because we just did not want to miss out on anything. We got in quickly and found our amazing seats, Block A2 row 4! Right before the show started all the people in Block A2 just jumped to the barriers, so we followed and managed to find the most amazing spot on the very front row!

    Madonna was pissed off this evening and complained about the people at the front rows. She asked them if they had received free tickets and if they were waiting at a snackbar.

    She repeatedly had to ask the audience to stop smoking as it was not good for her throat. Some great Mariah and Madonna items I did not have for very little money. After dinner we hung out in a bar and then went back to our hotel to get some sleep. London, August 15 Today was going to be the first day that the show would be filmed intended for broadcasting on TV in November.

    Suddenly I saw a very happy looking Heather coming out of the box office telling people she just bought a front row ticket!

    Hans and I did not hesitate and went to the box office immediately. After waiting for a couple of minutes we were finally allowed to go up to the lady behind the counter. Within minutes we were handed two front row tickets in block A4, we could not believe it! While walking on clouds we walked up to our front row seats and were absolutely ecstatic. The area behind the barriers was filled with camera equipment and crew were walking by constantly.

    When the show started we were front row, without pushing, shoving or heat we had all the space in the world! The show was outstanding, Madonna absolutely rocked and was in a great mood.

    During ILNY I had an amazing moment with M, at the end of the song she was going crazy playing her guitar to which I responded by going crazy as well. M noticed this and made her go crazier, again I responded and this continued throughout the last seconds of the song.

    It was amazing, we completely danced our asses off and Madonna simply rocked. Madonna then threw her plectrum in my direction, but since I am very short the damn thing flew over my head into the hands of a girl standing behind me.

    The girl grabbed the thing, giggled and put it into her handbag, I was so not amused! But still M and I had shared a great moment and that was better than any plectrum any day. Later on in the show the same thing happened with Monte, during La Isla Bonita he threw his plectrum in our way and again it flew over our heads.

    Damn those plectrums! But the show had been the best so far, hopefully this will be the one broadcasted on TV! Tonight we had quite good seats in Block A2 row Once we got to Wembley a special shirt was on sale as it was her birthday show. When Hans and I walked up to our seats it seemed our seats 7 and 8 were missing from its row. We walked up to a steward asking about this, he told us to go to the boxoffice.

    We could not find one so figured we had to go outside again, another steward confirmed this, so we stepped outside and had to line up in the HUGE queue. Then another steward approached us telling us we were in the wrong queue and were taken to another one sigh…….

    Quickly we then got new tickets in row 8 and were allowed back in. However the lady at the door did not want to let us in with our drink that we had bought inside earlier. Trying to convince madam that we had indeed bought this inside, did not work. So I got a bit angry with her and this resulted in the fact that we could take the drink inside but without the straw and lid on it.

    We found our new seats and they turned out to be catwalk seats, only unfortunately the well known queue jumpers were already in my seat. After telling them to find their own seats I found out that most of our friends were in the same block.

    When the show was about to start everybody literally jumped at the barriers, so I had to fight to keep my own seat. Enjoying the show was difficult as the pushing and shoving was terrible. I got into a fight with a lady who repeatedly told us that she needed to lean on the barrier while there was no space.

    When we told her no as there was simply no space she started to push her elbow into my ribs, which hurt like hell. I then had had enough of her and got into a fight, but she did not stop so I switched my spot with Hans.

    Then he had the same problems with this girl and she even started to pinch him. Thankfully she gave up after a while. Hans had to make room for a dancer during the rock section as the dancer of Jump had to pretend to be a fan with the cowboy hat on for LIWB. Madonna of course got sang to by us during her speech and she had a great response. But other than that there were few things that reminded the visitors that this was her birthday show. After a while I switched places back with Hans so that I was front row again.

    My neighbour thought I was not present as his dancing took up his and mine space, what was it with the people tonight?!

    Madonna - The Confessions Tour | Releases | Discogs

    For the very first time I was relieved that the show had ended, what a mess. There were many tears tonight as this was the very last show for a lot of fans. Our hotel was a ten minute walk from the Central Station, so that was easy. We decided to head to the queue early the next day to try and gain a good spot at the show. The next day we arrived at the queue around There we were in the queue with cheap umbrellas, organized in several lines separated by barriers made of steel and plastic ribbons.

    Thankfully the rain sometimes would disappear and rays of sunshine would brighten our faces, we managed to pass the time quickly.

    Madonna: The Confessions Tour

    Suddenly when we were just heading towards the toilets, we heard that people in the queue had stood up and a rush had begun. When we got back we heard that some fans tore up the plastic ribbons and were now suddenly standing in front of us. Security was handling it all very well but could not prevent all of the queue jumpers to go back to their original spot in line. Then suddenly an enormous rainstorm fell down on us, but madam Ciccone was still busy soundchecking while we were literally drowning in the rain.

    Not long after, the signal was given that we could enter, and that is when hell broke loose. The original row 3 and row 4 literally threw themselves onto row 2 and 1, which caused the people standing next to the steel barriers to get crushed. There was panic and screaming everywhere. There were three ladies in front of me and they were screaming as their bodies were jammed into the barriers and they could not move. I panicked as well as I was being pushed from every way imaginable and did not see a chance of getting out of this madness without any injuries.

    I then threw myself over the steel barrier which was a really hard thing to do as I am so short and landed upon other people trying to get out. The panic was huge, the chaos was complete, it felt like a war zone, security had completely lost its control over the people in the queue. A moment later I saw Simon pushing through the chaos, together we ran there was no ticket check as fast as we could to the arena.

    But if we thought that hell was over, we were dead wrong. Once inside we found out that the entrance to the golden circle was so narrow that all of the people had to be squeezed into this pile of people to enter the circle. People again got crushed, again there was screaming and panic. My panic was complete and was afraid of passing out, by grabbing the barrier I managed to push myself through into the golden circle, found a barrier and just fell down the ground.

    Security immediately came up asking me if I was alright, I muttered that I just needed to catch my breath. Only when we settled down a little we found out that Ms. Ciccone was still on stage in the middle of her soundcheck. But still people did not listen and continued to scream. She then told us that allowing the audience to watch the soundcheck was not her choice, she was forced by the police as they told her the people outside needed to get in and she was not yet finished. She rehearsed Future Lovers and Get Together in full and then a slightly happier Madonna left the stage.

    I valued my health and my life a lot more than some stupid queue with overreacting fans pushing their way through. I was still glad I was entitled to watch Madonna rehearse and was very satisfied with my spot.

    We were directly in front of the stage where she performs Like A Virgin. Paul Oakenfold started his set early and this was surprisingly good. We had a lot of space to dance and move around and even got something to eat, that was a blessing! When Madonna started her show we had the time of our lives. You can imagine that when she sang Like A Virgin it almost seemed like we got a private performance.

    It was just amazing to see her perform this so close by. Madonna just posed for our camera a couple of times, winked and smiled non-stop. During her speech she asked the audience to sing her a song, but failed to get any loud response. Monte threw his plectrum to us during La Isla Bonita and Hans went down to the floor and found it. It was great seeing the show again, but it had been the most stressful one so far. We spent the day hanging out in the city and ate some dinner and went to bed in our four star hotel wow, what a luxury.


    The tickets were sold out in a record breaking five minutes. It was Madonna's first time touring Japan in 13 years, and an additional date was added, September 21, , at the Tokyo Dome , to meet high demand. On August 8, , more than 35, tickets for the first ever Madonna concert in Moscow went on sale and, as claimed by show organizers, all were sold out in four days, which could be a new record in that country as all other artists had taken more than two weeks to sell out the tickets in the region.

    However, after many problems with the concert including venue uncertainty, rescheduling, ticket exchange and huge numbers of tickets in the hands of speculators, tickets were on sale at their nominal values until the last minute. The performance faced strong reactions from religious leaders who condemned it as anti-Christ. Madonna's performance of " Live to Tell " faced strong reaction from religious groups.

    The performance included Madonna being raised from the floor hanging on a mirrored cross wearing a red blouse and velvet pants, with a crown of thorns on her head. This was intended to detail the estimated number of children who have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic in Africa. Reverend Manfredo Leone described it as "disrespectful, in bad taste and provocative". Mario Scialoja , the head of Italy's Muslim League commented "I think her idea is in the worst taste and she'd do better to go home.

    But there seems to be many misinterpretations about my appearance on the cross and I wanted to explain it myself once and for all. There is a segment in my show where three of my dancers 'confess' or share harrowing experiences from their childhood that they ultimately overcame. My 'confession' follows and takes place on a Crucifix that I ultimately come down from. This is not a mocking of the church. My performance is neither anti-Christian, sacrilegious or blasphemous. Rather, it is my plea to the audience to encourage mankind to help one another and to see the world as a unified whole.

    I believe in my heart that if Jesus were alive today he would be doing the same thing. Madonna lost her mother at a young age as we know, and so did Marilyn — though she never died, she was taken away to a mental hospital and Marilyn did not have a close relationship with her during her entire life.

    Neither have been successful in marriage, though of course Madonna has been blessed with four children. Sadly Marilyn was never able to make that particular dream come true. No, it was the easiest thing in the world because I have loved Madonna for 30 years and have scrapbooks and many magazines, interviews etc.

    Plus YouTube is a tremendous source for clips relating to all aspects of her life. It was seriously the easiest, most enjoyable book I have ever worked on. It literally only took me about two months, if that! Of course it was a longer process in total because then it went to my publisher and went through editing, proof-reading, publicity etc, but the actual writing of it for me only took those two months. Being able to look at photos of Madonna all day, and read interviews, watch concerts etc was the best thing in the world!

    I would get up early, take my daughter to school, work on the book all day, then stop for a few hours and resume at 10 pm and work until midnight.

    I absolutely loved writing the book and it was sad to come to an end. Well I have been a fan since I was fourteen years old and have followed her career very closely during that time, so I knew a lot already. However, it was nice to delve deeper into her charity work and to look at photos of her in Malawi, talking to the children and working hard to help give them better lives.

    Did you send her a copy of your book? I have tweeted her and left comments on her Instagram, so hopefully she has.

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